I’ll keep this topic short while providing links because this a subject very near and dear to me. I suffer from trichotillomania, which is a hair-pulling disorder and the reason why I wear wigs even though I’ve wanted to grow locs for years. It’s kind of been a coping mechanism for me. Except that I cannot control it.

Sometimes I do it without realizing it. It really bothers me when people feel they have the right to judge women..especially black women..who wear wigs or weaves . Unfortunately, there are many women who need them because of cancer and alopecia. However, the one thing that most people never seem to hear or talk about is trichotillomania.

There is also a movie starring Charlize Theron about a depressed writer with the disorder. Since I am also a writer with trichotillomania it was a little hard for me to watch at first.

Like the individual in the picture above, my hair is way longer in the back. The front and middle is patchy and way short because of my hair pulling disorder.
Because of trichotillomania, I also keep my hair short under fake hair and its also a reason why I no longer date.


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