Physician-Assisted Suicides

What is Physician Assisted Suicide? The choice and views of physician-assisted suicide versus the natural course of death for terminally-ill patients have been a long-debated and controversial matter. There are those who prefer the widely-accepted and traditional route of hospice palliative care, and then there are some who believe in the right of choosing euthanasia.Continue reading “Physician-Assisted Suicides”

Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

My favorite color is YELLOW. It’s bright, it’s cheerful, and it helps with my mood, especially when dealing with writer’s depression. Two years ago I even went as far as decorating my apartment livingroom in bright yellow decor with gray accents. I recently found out about color therapy, also known as Chromotherapy and realized thatContinue reading “Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)”

Health Benefits of HUGS

Recently my daughter had a stressful week. During that time, I noticed that she asked me for more hugs, as well as hugged her cat and stuffed animals more. Hugging seemed to have a healthy effect on her. Which led me to researching about this everyday physical contact that we take for granted. The benefitsContinue reading “Health Benefits of HUGS”

The Power of Cucumber

I’ve always had a great respect for cucumber and have always recommended eating them daily. My daughter thinks they’re a tasteless, bland, and boring fruit. In reality they’re a godsend and I especially have a greater respect for cucumbers now that i’m 37. Why? Reason #1 CUCUMBERS HAVE ANTI-AGING POWER As a kid, I usedContinue reading “The Power of Cucumber”

Nomophobia (Phone Addiction)

If you’ve read my scifi book, Negus, you may have remembered a short story about aliens secretly conducting research on earthlings. In the below passage, the aliens provide send communication back home about the use of mobile phones on Earth. Check out the excerpt below: Have the technologists yet figured out what the rectangular objectsContinue reading “Nomophobia (Phone Addiction)”